TotalPM purely provides project management services.

TotalPM staff are selected based on key interpersonal skills required for project managers and successfully navigate the project environment. Team members combine those skills with their project management methodology knowledge and application of their technical capability.

At TotalPM believe we have developed an acute understanding and appreciation of project related issues including:

  • Project feasibilities
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Design considerations
  • Construction challenges
  • Social requirements
  • Financial frameworks
  • Needs and demands of the target market

We have a strong sense of partnering with our Clients and work to understand the different and specific needs of each. TotalPM strongly believes in working with the Client to assist with strategic decision matters. We encourage team building, with the Client’s requirements as the main focus.

As independent project managers, we are not aligned with any other organisations and on each project aim to bring together the best team available to deliver the outcomes required of the project.

We understand that each project and Client is different so we will adapt our services to respond to the project requirements. Our quality management system ensures a high level service each time, and while our project methodology provides a framework, it is not limiting, allowing us to respond to project requirements as needed.